Coventry ‘Corporation Custard’

An unusual name for another unique and forgotten Coventry recipe, that we are proud to revive.


The earliest reference to this recipe, come from 1768 and the ‘reminiscences’ of Mr Richard Jelliffe, but it is thought by its ingredients to be of a much earlier date, perhaps even medieval, to around the time of the city’s Charter of Incorporation in 1345.

It seems that it was both made in vast trays and as individual ‘custards’ and was the feature of banquets (especially November 5th, for the Mayors Feast) and would ¬†be in production for up to two weeks, in ¬†advance.

With a texture somewhere between a subtle egg custard and a creme brulee, and a flavour with hints of orange, saffron and rose, it is a truly special addition to the revival of the City’s food history.