The Coventry ‘Godcake’

Our first and signature specialist cake revival is the authentic ‘Coventry Godcake’.

In 2012, Leigh Waite (Proprietor) revived thisĀ almost lost tradition dating back to 14th Century and it has since received local, national and international attention.

Godcake Dome

The recipe itself, is the oldest authentic recipe (and does not include mincemeat) it has a blend of dried fruit, peel, spices and alcohol that make it unique in flavour and texture.

The tradition is known to date back to times when Coventry was briefly the country’s capital city and a county in its own right, and it was a the city’s first ‘street food’.

We are very proud to have revived the authentic Coventry Godcake for the 21st centrury and are working towards applying for Protected Status, as our regions own food history.